Sooo… I guess first and foremost I just want to say welcome back to Trouble Ticket! I want to thank everyone that stuck around through my little mid season break there. I needed to take a little bit of time off while I worked on some side projects and unfortunately this strip had to take a back seat to everything else.

The good news is that’s over now, so Trouble Ticket will resume it’s Monday and Thursday update schedule, so be sure to check your RSS list to make sure I’m still in it.

The better news is that my wife, @infinitebetsy on twitter, has started her own coming, adorably named “FRUIT!” You can find it over at and you definitely should find it there.

The best news is that Betsy and I will be attending our first convention as exhibitors in October. We’ll be at the Geek Media Expo (GMX) Volume 3 in Nashville, TN at the Maxwell House convention center. We’ve got a lot of stuff to offer, like sketch cards and full size sketches, some mini comics, prints, original art, and a few other surprises that you’ll just have to show up to see.

So, see you guys Thursday…

~Johnathon (Chuck)