Original Art

Now you can own your very own little piece of Trouble Ticket* in the form of either a wonderful high quality print, OR you can go ALL OUT and buy the original strip for your collection of fine art that I’m sure is quite lovely. Trouble Ticket cartoons look amazing framed and hung in studios, lobbies, hip new restaurants, or your dorm bedroom…

Most cartoons (those that appear after number 45) are a hand-drawn, hand-lettered, hand-colored, one-of-a-kind creation; drawn on acid-free Bristol Smooth heavy stock using archival Faber-Castell Pitt and Pigma Micron pens, along with Prisma Color markers. The strips measure 5″ x 15″ (the paper size is 11×17) and will make a great ice breaker when you’re trying to impress that special someone.**

Prints are created from a master scan of the original strip and printed on heavy duty 11×14 card stock. Strips in color (mostly post comic 45) will be printed in color and the early strips (mostly pre comic 46) are printed in grayscale.

Prints cost $10.00 USD and original art costs $50.00 USD. Prices subject to change.

Shipping is not listed here and will be included at the time of purchase.

*Note: Reproduction rights are not included in the sale of original or printed Trouble Ticket art, nor is any right to the intellectual property or copyright contained within. However it does look really cool and you should still buy it.

**Note: Trouble Ticket comics may or may not actually impress that special someone, use at your own risk…